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Who is Rudolf Steiner? and why does he need defending? Dr. Rudolf Steiner
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Dr. (of Philosophy) Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was an Austrian thinker and lecturer of striking originality. Claiming direct experience of the spiritual world, he spoke in great detail about

what he saw there.

The results of Steiner's insights prompted a large number of practical initiatives, including agriculture (the Biodynamic movement), education (the Waldorf movement), curative education (the Camphill movement) and an extension to the art of medicine.

Steiner's views and opinions as expressed in some 40 volumes of written work and almost 300 volumes of lecture transcripts have sparked controversy from the outset. During Steiner's lifetime it was widely considered that logic and spirituality were incompatible. From one side it was argued that since the spiritual did not exist, any discussion of it was ipso facto absurd. From another, his ideas were considered heretical in as much as they did not confirm the favored ideology of the moment (be it Theosophical, Catholic, Communist or Nationalist). In his lifetime, his efforts at social reform were opposed by the extreme right and the extreme left, and he was even, without any factual basis, denounced by Hitler as an agent of Jewish conspiracy. This was not the first or the last time he would be slandered - today he his denounced by some as a right wing anti-Semite.

Steiner needs defending for the simple reason that he is not around to defend himself today. Whether you like or dislike his ideas, intellectual discourse demands a fair evaluation of them and not attacks on superficial mischaracterizations purporting to represent the "real" Steiner. Many of his ideas are "out there." They might seem quite strange; however, with a little effort, an open mind and basic logic it is possible to understand them. At that point you can choose to agree or disagree, to believe or disbelieve. However, I feel that this step of first understanding before agreeing or disagreeing is often skipped.

It is the purpose of this site to defend Steiner and his ideas from the many misrepresentations that are currently circulating. What those inspired by Steiner's ideas do or fail to do in his name is beyond the scope of this endeavor, though I will touch on it where necessary. Nor is the purpose here to advance Anthroposophy in a partisan manner. That I am sympathetic to it will no doubt be evident. However, I attempt here only to represent Steiner's ideas without value judgments. Such judgments, as well as a judgment as to whether I am successful or not, I leave to the reader.

Daniel Hindes

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