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Allegations and Aspersions

The following common allegations can be examined in some detail by clicking on the links below.

Was Rudolf Steiner a German Nationalist?
The question of Steiner's nationalistic tendencies has been raised frequently. What factual basis does it have, and what role did nationalism play in the era when Steiner lived?
Was Rudolf Steiner was an anti-Semite
The accusation of anti-Semitism has been raised, mostly since the end of the Second World War. What was anti-Semitism like in Steiner's day, and what was Steiner's position regarding the Jews?
Steiner and Jesuitism
Probably the first widespread slander against Rudolf Steiner, the accusation that Steiner was a tool of the Jesuit Order was made in India by Annie Besant in 1912. In the context of the times, that was every bit as bad, and probably worse, than accusing someone today of being a fascist.
Does Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophical approach to medicine reject conventional scientific medicine?
Anthroposophic Medicine, properly called Anthroposophically Extended Medicine is practiced in many countries. What is this, and how does it relate to conventional scientific medicine?
Was Rudolf Steiner an admirer of Heinrich von Treitschke?
German historian Heinrich von Treitschke is known among other things for his rabid anti-Semetism. What did Rudolf Steiner think of von Treitschke?
Was Rudolf Steiner a disciple of Friedrich Nietzsche?
Rudolf Steiner spoke and wrote about Fredrich Nietzsche in a number of places. What was Steiner's relationship to Nietzsche?
Was Rudolf Steiner a member of Theodore Reuss's OTO?
There is no evidence that Rudolf Steiner ever accepted anything from Theodore Reuss with the sole exception of Reuss's permission to use the term "Misraim". There exists no evidence nor any documentation which made Steiner a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis.
Was Rudolf Steiner a member of the Thule Society

A number of early Nazi's were members The Thule Society, a secret occult society founded in 1918, that merged into the Nazi Party in 1920. Was Rudolf Steiner ever a member?





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