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Common Misconceptions
What is a Root Race?
Steiner is called a racist because he employed Blavatsky's term "Root Race" in describing human development. What is a Root Race, when and how did Steiner employ the term, and what did he mean?
What are "Sub-Races"?
Sub-races are a division of Root Races. What role do sub-races play in Anthroposophy?
Steiner and the mythical "Nordic-Germanic Sub-Race"
Steiner's supposed priase for a non-existant "nordic-germanic sub-race" is offered as proof of Steiner's racism. The only problem is that there is no such "nordic-germanic sub-race" anywhere in Steiner's work or in Anthroposophy.
What is an Anthroposophist?
Some thoughts on how to define the term, both broadly and narrowly.
Who can study Anthroposophy?

Did Rudolf Steiner only intend Anthroposophy for an elite group of priveleged followers?

Anthroposophy and Karma
Does Rudolf Steiner's view of Karma allow his followers to say "you deserve it" to anyone suffering?





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