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Contra Staudenmaier: A Critique of "Anthroposophy & Ecofascism"
In a devastating polemical essay Peter Staudenmaier paints a portrait of Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner that few people recognize. Is this a bold work of daring scholarship or a sloppy hatchet job? A close examination of the source material provides an answer.
Contra Torell: The EAEC, Steiner, and the Thule Society

In this addled rant, several prominent Nazi's are suddenly Jews, and Lenin and Steiner plot the ruin of today's youth by Waldorf Education. And Steiner is suddenly a member of the Thule Society.

Contra Walton: On the "Underground Nazi Invasion"

Who influenced Adolf Hitler? Appearently everyone who ever earned the label "occultist", with no distinction between among vastly different philosophies.

Contra LaRouche: Rudolf Steiner, Satanist?

On what evidence does a Christian fundamentalist accuse Rudolf Steiner of being a Satanist? Evidence? A claim should suffice.














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