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Index of Allegations

Was Rudolf Steiner a German Nationalist?

Was Rudolf Steiner was an anti-Semite

Does Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophical approach to medicine reject...

...conventional scientific medicine?

Was Rudolf Steiner an admirer of Heinrich von Treitschke?

Was Rudolf Steiner a disciple of Friedrich Nietzsche?

Was Rudolf Steiner a member of Theodore Reuss's OTO?

Index of Misconceptions

What is a Root Race?

What are "Sub-Races"?

Steiner and the mythical "Nordic-Germanic Sub-Race"

What is an Anthroposophist?

Who can study Anthroposophy?

Index of Refutations

Contra Staudenmaier: A Critique of "Anthroposophy & Ecofascism"

Contra Torell: The EAEC, Steiner, and the Thule Society

Contra Walton: Steiner's influence on Nazism

Contra LaRouche: Rudolf Steiner, Satanist?

Index of Articles

Anthroposophy and Science

Rudolf Steiner and Ernst Haeckel

Rudolf Steiner and Fredrich Nietzsche

Rudolf Steiner and Guido von List

Rudolf Steiner and von Treitschke

Rudolf Steiner and Theodore Reuss

Rudolf Steiner and the OTO

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